Five Things to Consider when Choosing a Packaging that Stands Out

The year 2020 emphasizes the importance of e-commerce to people’s daily lives and this is not changing anytime soon. Ecommerce allows consumers to purchase goods and services without walking through a store. While this is beneficial to customers who want convenience in shopping, this can mean something else for brands. As customers don’t have to visit shops, they won’t be able to experience the curated brand ambiance. This makes it important for business owners to find a way to deliver a piece of branding right to their customers’ doors. To make this happen, business owners must invest in unique packaging. When choosing product packaging, the following must be kept in mind:

Right Sizing

This shipping strategy involves optimizing the size of the container and the volume of packaging fill to match the content’s size and type. When done correctly, this strategy can minimize shipping costs, give a package’s content better protection, and minimize overall package waste. When it comes to shipping containers, has the best solution.


These days, consumers prioritize convenience, which indicates the willingness to pay a bit more for a product that they can easily use and access. Because of this, convenience features are a trend packaging commodity that can be found in everything from bags of fertilizers to paperboard milk cartons. These packaging option has features that include resealable closures, handles, pour spouts, and easy-open.


Flexible containers are more suitable for packaging and transporting single-serve portions than rigid packaging. Also, retailers can choose to outfit these containers, which include bags and pouches, with any of the value-added convenience features for easier accessibility and functionality.


The impact of packaging has made headlines recently because of stories regarding plastic bags found at the bottom of the ocean. Because of this, buyers are more aware than before of the impact of the product they purchase and discard on the environment. Thus, retailers, manufacturers, and consumers should look for ways to improve their sustainability and minimize their carbon footprint. This is possible through right sizing as well as producing and buying more recyclable products. Also, products should be manufactured from recycled or biodegradable materials.


Digital packaging is a cheaper and easier option for adding high-quality logos and images to the product packaging and shipping boxes. The popularity of economical, quality packaging graphics makes retail-ready packaging available for use by discount grocers and warehouse club stores. These businesses emphasize low operational costs to pass greater savings to their customers. By improving their retail-ready products’ appeal, shelf appeal, retailers become more competitive than ever.


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