Great Apps and Sites To Use for Sports Betting

Chances are, if you are a sports fan, you probably have toyed with the idea of doing some form of sports betting. One of the reasons that sports fans get into betting is because they already have a pretty good background in a sport they like.

So the leap from being a fan to placing a wager does not seem that far. Fans soon realize they need lots of information to have any realistic chance of success in sports betting.

Good Places To Do Your Homework

No shortage of sites and apps will tell potential gamblers they have the best information. It is probably fair to say that where you get the information is not as important as how you use the information.

With that said, one great site that offers information on several sports is Bleacher Report. In fact, this is a site that had the highest social media engagement over every sports media brand in both 2019 and 2020 under then-Bleacher Report CEO Howard Mittman.

This website gives an in-depth analysis of a multitude of sports. They also offer expert picks you can use to make your own betting decisions.

CBS Sports also offers an excellent platform for doing research on sports betting. On their site, you can monitor real-time stats for every professional sport. You can watch up to eight games on your computer screen on this site.

On their site, you can listen to live news about various sports on their CBS radio station. You can even sign up for specific updates on a team or player you are following.

Some Places To Make a Bet

So once you have done your research, you are ready to make a bet. The question then becomes where to place a bet.

Two of the largest sports building platforms are DraftKings and FanDuel. Chances are, if you watch sports on TV for any amount of time, you have seen advertisements for one or both of the services.

Both of these sites offer a great place to do sports betting but specifically to bet on daily fantasy sports or DFS. Each also offers a sportsbook app where you can do more traditional sports betting.

Some of the perks of using DraftKings include a sizeable welcome bonus, a fantastic loyalty program, and many promotions.

DraftKings offers a mobile app that is relatively easy to use. Their site offers a wide array of sports and several different betting contests for each sport. They also provide a great DFS information section.

FanDuel users are betting money with one of the largest sports betting companies in the world. The user experience is quite strong whether you do it on a desktop or mobile, plus they offer plenty of bonuses and promotions as well.

Getting started in sports betting can be somewhat intimidating for the novice gambler. The fact is, if you can do a little bit of research and bet in a disciplined fashion, you have just as much chance of coming out ahead as the next fan.


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