Shred and Collect waste with Ease: The Graden Shredder with Pickup You Want

If your garden is constantly in need of waste management and you’re looking for an effective and efficient way to collect and shred garden waste, then the Graden Shredder with Pickup is the perfect solution for you. With its robust design and powerful motor, this multi-functional garden shredder can help you get the job done with minimal effort. The shredder has been designed to be easy-to-use, and its intuitive pickup system makes waste collection and shredding a breeze.

Automatic waste collection

Graden broyeur avec ramassage is ideal for automated waste collection. The Graden Shredder’s patented technology collects and shreds organic waste without manual labour. Installation outside your home, office, or business makes shredding easy. The Graden Shredder with Pickup has a built-in pickup system that takes shredded waste to collection points. Your waste is disposed of without effort.

Easy shredding storage

The Graden Shredder with Pickup makes storing shredded material easy. The shredder’s large collection basket can hold up to 200 litres of shredded material, enough to store your waste. The collection basket is easy to access and secures the shredded material. The Graden Shredder with Pickup can be connected to a garden vacuum system to simplify disposal.

Simple controls

For garden waste, the Garden Shredder with Pickup is ideal. Easy controls eliminate manual labour. It safely shreds and collects garden waste with its self-feeding hopper and electronic safety shutoff. The Garden Shredder with Pickup also comes with a 5-year limited warranty to maximise your purchase.


Quiet operation makes the Graden shredder with pickup ideal. It is quieter than other shredders, making it ideal for residential and commercial use. Its low-vibration design won’t disrupt your day. This makes it ideal for noise-free workspaces and homes.

Powerful motor

With a 5 HP motor, the Graden shredder with pickup makes waste shredding and collection easy. Its powerful motor and ergonomic design quickly reduce branches, leaves, and other garden waste into small pieces that can be easily collected. This makes disposing of clippings faster and easier.


The Garden Shredder with Pickup is lightweight and portable. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for small yards and short-term use, saving users from lugging heavy machines. For maximum efficiency, the lightweight shredder can reach hard-to-reach areas in the garden or yard. The lightweight Garden Shredder with Pickup is ideal for shredding and collecting waste.

Trustworthy operation

The Graden Shredder with Pickup is built for safety and reliability. Its sturdy build and powerful motor allow it to handle a variety of materials and tasks. The shredder has emergency stop, emergency fuse, overload protection, and power surge protection for maximum safety. With these safeguards, you and your family can use the shredder safely.

Low upkeep

The Graden Shredder with Pickup shreds and collects waste efficiently and cheaply. Durable and reliable, this shredder requires little maintenance. The Graden Shredder with Pickup offers the best value because it’s cheap to run. The Graden Shredder with Pickup also has a great warranty, so you can rest easy if anything goes wrong.

For easy waste shredding and collection, the Graden Shredder with Pickup is a great choice. Its powerful engine, metal blade, and large collection bag make it ideal for small and large jobs. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to store. The Graden Shredder with Pickup is the perfect waste management solution with all these features.


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