Trading with EXANTE: An Honest Review

More and more traders are deciding to cooperate with EXANTE, an award-winning global broker licensed by governmental institutions in four European and Asian countries. While a strong reputation in the market often indicates high-quality services, traders should still exercise due diligence and conduct their own research.

Since the selection of a trading platform can have a significant impact on your experience and investment, it is essential to pay attention to the smallest details. This broker’s review aims to help you with this task. Explore the EXANTE trading features and other crucial aspects of using the platform in this comprehensive review.

EXANTE’s Functionality

The features of a trading platform play a critical role in your trading experience, whether you are an advanced investor or a novice. EXANTE caters to both.

EXANTE for Seasoned Traders

EXANTE offers a sophisticated platform with diverse features and support for algorithmic trading, which can be used after integrating the trading software with the EXANTE FIX 4.4 bridge designed for seamless automation of trading.  Not only individual investors but also corporate clients, such as financial institutions, can facilitate and enhance trading by using the EXANTE platform.

Additionally, EXANTE offers access to over 50 markets and more than a million trading products, including futures, stocks, bonds, funds, ETFs, currencies, metals, and more.

EXANTE for New Traders

While numerous trading options provide ample opportunities for all levels of trading expertise, they may also overwhelm less experienced investors. To help them adapt to the EXANTE platform more easily, the broker offers a free demo version.

With just a few clicks, customers can create a demo account, which does not require any deposit or identity verification. The demo mode of the platform is essentially the same as the live version, except for slower price updates, limited access to some markets, and 1 million EUR in virtual funds provided to you to start placing orders and explore the platform’s capabilities. This virtual fund will help you preserve your own money while you practice trading with EXANTE.

How Much Does EXANTE Cost?

The EXANTE platform itself is available to traders for free. Unlike most brokers, EXANTE does not charge any account management fees. However, an inactivity fee of 50 EUR/GBP per month is required for traders who are inactive, which, according to the platform’s policy, means not placing any orders during the past 90 days, holding no open positions, and having a positive balance below EUR 5,000.

As mentioned earlier, a demo account is provided to traders free of charge. There are also no deposit fees or margin trading fees for margin utilization below 100%.

When Do You Have to Pay?

In certain scenarios, a payment will be required.

Placing an order for manual execution for an instrument available on the platform via phone or email incurs a fee of 90 EUR/GBP per order. Withdrawing funds incurs a standard fee of 30 EUR/GBP or 0.9% of the transaction amount, whichever is greater. Additionally, for shorting stocks, traders have to pay a default fee of approximately 12% of the transaction amount.

There is also a custody fee of 0.3% annually applied to bonds, as well as an interest fee for holding negative positions in cash. The latter is a variable fee and depends on the currency of the position. Additionally, if you engage in short trades and FX trading, you may be subject to variable overnight fees. Other fees for traders may also be imposed by the issuing exchange.

Is EXANTE a Safe Broker?

You have already explored the diverse capabilities of the EXANTE platform and its competitive fees. However, one of the most crucial questions is whether this broker is safe.

As mentioned earlier, EXANTE is a regulated broker licensed by the SFC (Hong Kong), FCA (The United Kingdom), CySEC (Cyprus), and MFSA (Malta). It also complies with the EU MiFID II Directive regulating the industry.

The broker works with leading European and Asian banks and relies on Tier 1 liquidity providers, while commodity trading orders are executed directly by exchanges. To protect its customers’ funds, EXANTE holds them in accounts secured by trusted custodians, separate from the accounts where the broker’s funds are stored.

Final Thoughts

To secure your finances, which must be deposited in the account created on the broker’s platform, you should not settle for any unregulated provider of trading and investment services. At the same time, you should ensure the broker of your choice has a satisfactory offer of products and affordable fees.

EXANTE meets all these requirements, providing its customers with secure services and diverse trading capabilities that can be leveraged by traders with different skills and experience. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, EXANTE’s responsive customer support team is ready to assist you around the clock, seven days a week, through any channel of your choice, including phone, email, and chat.


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