Unconventional strategies for buying instagram followers

Organic follower growth on Instagram remains sluggish at best for most accounts. Turning to buying followers offers what seems like a quick fix to artificially inflate your numbers in hopes of accelerating online fame and fortune. But, reckless practices like defaulting to cheap bot followers often backfire with fake-looking engagement and banned accounts. Despite what some internet pundits preach, follower metrics enormously sway both algorithmic reach on Instagram as well as public perception of your brand. Numerous studies confirm the subtle psychological influence follower numbers have, including.

  • Accounts with higher follower counts earn higher engagement rates on identical content.
  • Consumers exposed to identical images rate those with more likes as higher quality.
  • Brands with more followers are chosen over competitors with fewer counts – even without seeing content from either.

In other words, higher follower numbers beget even greater engagement and conversions thanks simply to built-in social biases – not necessarily better content. Purchasing followers may feel like “cheating”, but it takes advantage of these deeply rooted human heuristics.

Unconventional follower purchasing strategies

  • Optimize hashtags for purchased followers – Take advantage of your newfound numbers by using targeted niche hashtags aligned to the interests of your bought followers. Participating in these conversations expands visibility beyond existing circles. Use hashtag research tools to identify related tags with 10k-100k posts for best discovery.
  • Promote house accounts – Leveraging “house accounts” means strategically creating multiple Instagram accounts concentrated around specific sub-niches that focus your bought followers into targeted communities based on shared affinities. Think golf products sponsoring golf lifestyle pages. This fragments broader audiences into hyper-targeted tribes with their own content and engagement loops.
  • Sell limited edition physical products – Online influence has offline applications through merchandising. Instead of common t-shirt and sticker merchandise shops, collaborate with manufacturers to produce special collectible runs of your product designs to sell to newly acquired followers. Limited supply and exclusivity create urgency around physical goods.
  • Gate content in paid online groups – Consider porting portions of your Instagram presence into paid groups or membership sites your bought Instagram followers migrate into as “graduates” of your free profile content. This monetizes audience loyalty through retaining their paid access to your most valuable content.
  • Cross-promote podcast content – Podcasting complements visual social media perfectly. Promote your podcast across Instagram to provide followers with a more intimate, behind-the-scenes audio experience that delves deeper into your brand narrative to nurture super fans outside the noisy visual feed.
  • Collaborate with micro-influencers – Micro-influencers remain untapped growth levers for niche personalities with 5k to 100k loyal local followers. Identify relevant voices to partner with driving promotions through each other’s accounts and Stories. Compensate through free products or affiliate revenue shares rather than paying hefty sponsorship fees to mass influencers.
  • Strategize multiple instagram accounts – Balancing separate personal and business Instagram accounts gives you more flexibility in managing bought followers. Reserve professional accounts for promotions to concentrate Buy Instagram Followers on famoid.com. Then use personal accounts to network and engage more intimately with collaborators. Limiting business call-outs across both areas reduces perceived commercial overtones.

You protect your marketing efforts long-term by limiting yourself to inorganic follower purchasing strategies alone, while still allowing segmented niche growth opportunities other brands may overlook.


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