Wholesale Retail Packaging and Its Impact on Your Business

Whether you’re in ecommerce or brick and mortar retail, you’ll need to secure a cost-effective wholesale packaging supplier that keeps your supply chain running smooth.

Regardless if you’re buying in bulk to secure wholesale prices or small batches, your ecommerce and retail product packaging has to fulfil a number of roles.

Your product packaging needs to:

  • Keep the product safe and secure when it’s not being used
  • Complement the design of the product that’s inside it.
  • Show of your branding
  • Make the most of wholesale packaging pricing discounts
  • Most importantly, you don’t need this process to be any more complicated than it is.

With Refine Packaging, you can easily pick your ideal box side, upload your logo and then place an order. These roles must be fulfilled if you’re sending directly to your customer, delivering products to a retail store, or even if you’re selling directly out of a shop front.

In this article, you’ll see how Refine Packaging’s wide range of packaging products and packaging supplies can fit your wholesale retail packaging needs.

Wholesale product packaging

If you’re in the world of brick and mortar retailing, you also need custom retail packaging boxes suppliers can help you save some money, and also compliment your branding and the product itself.

A two-piece product box is a simple box with a lid that slides over the bottom piece. This type of box is great for building an exciting unboxing experience for your customer.

Classic product boxes are another form of wholesale packaging box that can help present your product in a retail store.

Wholesale product packaging boxes work hand-in-hand with wholesale shipping boxes. When you’re delivering your products in their retail packaging directly to your retailer, both the product packaging and shipping boxes are crucial. When both forms of packaging are showing off your logo, your brand is seen as one that values itself and the change it can make in the world. Deliver a consistent branding experience by using packaging boxes with your brand’s logo.

Wholesale packaging supplies

There’s more to wholesale packaging suppliers than just boxes. A brand that sells high quality, luxurious products might also want other packaging supplies at wholesale prices.

Tissue paper adds an extra level of both security and class to your packaging. Wrapping your product in branded tissue paper leaves a positive first impression on your customer’s mind from the moment they open your package. Your retail brand can use paper bags to turn each customer into a walking billboard. Custom carrier bags help spread your store’s notoriety amongst people who are in the vicinity of your retail store. Custom printed paper bags also keep your name in your customer’s mind all the way into their own home, to the moment they use your product.

All of these packaging supplies work together to create a customized packaging set that can really make a difference to your brand.


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